Does the .380 ACP have enough knock down power?

Real men don't carry .380, so sayth the knuckle dragger.

I am an RSO at a local range. Recently I had a conversation with an older gentleman. I am 72, so that gives you some idea of how old he was.

In this conversation, he said his grandson had just switched from 9mm to 10 10mm. He said that was the only round you should carry daily because it ensured a 0ne-shot, one-kill.

My counter was that this assumed a one-shot, one-hit. Many people cannot obtain that level of accuracy in a stressful situation. Accuracy is the key point, and even the .380 ACP had plenty of stopping, a.k.a knockdown, power.

This video sheds some light on how lethal the .380 ACP is when you compare it to the FIB standards.

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