About Us




Welcome to Freedom First Self Defense

The Freedom-loving, 2nd amendment supporting patriot’s source for firearm safety information, self-defense information, and shooting skills training.


  • Are a veteran-owned company.
  • Our mission statement is to grow the 2nd amendment and self-defense community.

We do this by providing our members with:

  • periodical emails that contain information related to current issues and concerns related to attacks on the 2nd amendment.
  • a month newsletter.
  • access to a blog series that provides information on self-defense, firearm selection, defense round selection, and general firearm information.

Because we know that many of us in the movement, like to show off our feeling, we have created a line of 2nd amendment, veteran-based merchandise.

For those in the Lake City, Fl area, we provide training that focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to safely use a firearm

We keep our class size small to give you the attention that you deserve.

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2nd Amendment

As might suspect, we strongly support the 2nd amendment. One of my goals is to help my students understand the history of the 2nd amendment and what means to the people of this great country.

The 2nd amendment is under attack and we cannot standby. The anti-gun crowd isn’t just coming for those evil black assault rifles. They are coming for all of our firearms. Our strongest action is not through the force of arms but by unity.

Together we can turn the tables!

The Future

We are a new startup, so our offerings are limited at this time. We will be rolling out more training in the future.

We would like to roll out training that meets our student’s needs.

If there is any training you are interested in, check our course page. If you don’t see what you need, please free to contact us and let us know using the form below.