Are your getting the whole truth?

Most of my posts are related to the 2nd amendment and the freedoms that it guarantees because that is a freedom that I am actively campaigning for. But that isn’t the only freedom that we must protect.
The government, the new media, social media, are all striving to keep us misinformed and following like lemmings.
Before you call me tinfoil conspires, look at the news items that we were told a year ago were indisputably false that today we know are true.
We were told to follow the science, but anytime the science conflicted with the establishment’s view, they called it false and suppressed it.
Freedom of the press was established to ensure that we got all views, not just the sanctioned view of the establishment. Just because the views of your opponents are being sanctioned doesn’t make it right.
Also, don’t think this is a new occurrence. Look back in history and you will see it has happened in this and many other countries. The most common result is the loss of more freedoms as the establishment gains more control of information.
OK, I will get off my soapbox. I only ask you to look around and question what you are being told and what the truth is. Support effort to keep the flow of information open. Oppose efforts to restrict information flow.
Have a different view or want to add to this post, please free to comment.
Let freedom shine from shore to shore!

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