Biden is misleading us again!

On September 18th, the Biden administration lead us to believe that they
were going to address the current border crisis related to Hattian
immigrates by deporting them back to Haiti. At first, this seemed to be


Some Haitians began leaving an encampment in Del Rio, Texas, on
Monday, heading south for Mexico as conditions deteriorated and the Biden
administration made good on its threat to expel the migrants to Haiti.

However, the deportation turned out to be very limited. Some 523 Haitians have been deported to their homeland on four flights.

U.S. authorities have removed at least 4,000 people from the Del Rio site for
processing in detention centers.

U.S. officials now say that many Haitian migrants camped in a small Texas border town will be released in the United States, undercutting the Biden administration’s public statements that Haitians who enter the country illegally face immediate expulsion

 Can we ever trust what we hear from the Biden administration?

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