Carrying a Firearm in an RV

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Recreational Vehicles, Trailers, and Travelling with Firearms

Carrying a firearm in a recreational vehicle or trailer starts with determining whether your RV or trailer is a vehicle or home. This is actually fairly straightforward. While transporting you and your family, it is a vehicle. This means on the road, even when stopped, you are in a vehicle under the law. Once you have arrived at your destination and set up the RV or trailer to live out of, it becomes a home.

Carrying a Firearm in an RV or Trailer while it is a Vehicle

When your RV or trailer is in transit, all normal vehicle carry laws apply. Therefore handguns must be concealed. If you do not have a valid CWFL, you may still have a firearm in your RV.

See Florida Statute 790.025(5)

 However, you must keep your firearm concealed and either securely encased or not readily accessible.

If you have a valid CWFL while in a vehicle, you may carry the firearm on your person.

Carrying a Firearm in an RV or Trailer While it is a Home

Under Florida law, a person may open or conceal carry a firearm in their home, even without a CWFL.

Therefore, once you arrive at your destination and start using your RV or trailer as a home, you do not need to keep your firearm concealed.

Even without a CWFL, you do not need to keep the gun securely encased and it may be readily accessible.

This law applies while inside of your RV or trailer. It does not give you permission to carry your firearm openly outside of the RV or trailer while parked in an RV park with common areas shared by other RVs, unless another exception applies to your situation. 

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