Remember T-shirt


"This week, "President" Joe Biden claimed that HE ended the war in Afghanistan. Did we leave the country? Yeah, but we left a LOT behind...

We didn't just leave MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars behind in the form of weapons and vehicles, but we left OUR CITIZENS behind as well!

One of the most DISGUSTING things we have ever seen, was the so-called "President" DISRESPECTING the families of the fallen hero's by checking his watch and REFUSING to answer for his actions.

We will NOT disrespect the hero's that fought for our freedom! We will REMEMBER their sacrifice and HONOR their memory! That's why we are rolling out our 2nd R.E.D. Friday shirt this week! To REMEMBER the fallen heroes who saved THOUSANDS of lives when they paid the ultimate price.

Now until midnight TONIGHT you can pick up our "R.E.D. T-Shirt" for only $5! You want to know the best part? For EVERY "Remember" t-shirt that we sell, we will be donating 25% of the sale to the 13 families that were affected by the Kabul bombing. These families need our help, and we REFUSE to disrespect them the way that Joe Biden did!"

We are donating 25% of every "Remember" shirt to the families that were affected by the Kabul bombing as well this week. We are working directly with a higher-up at GoFundMe for this donation, who has already weeded out the fraudulent accounts to ensure the money gets to the real families.
-God Bless & Remember the fallen