Exercise your 2nd amendment right responsibility or risk losing it!

My motto is:
Exercise your 2nd amendment right, get trained, carry responsibility.
The BEARING ARMS website recently posted an article entitled Gun Left Behind At NC Vacation Rental. This article details an instance where a firearm was left at a rental vacation property.

An Outer Banks cleaning service found a loaded pistol last week in the children’s room of a Kill Devil Hills beach house.

The Glock handgun was found in a drawer in a room with bunk beds and toys in a closet, said Rebecca Lancaster, owner of Island Time Property Solutions.

The room was used by adults last week, but a family with children moved in this week.

Incidents like this put our children at risk, give the anti-gun crowd a talking point, and make independent voters wonder if we can really be trusted with guns.
One of the rights that the constitution grants us is the right to keep and bear arms. However, if those of us that chose to exercise that right don’t do it responsibly, we risk losing that right.
Yes, I know that that right is enshrined in the constitution, but the constitution has been amended in the past.
Carry your firearm responsibility. Don’t be afraid to point issues to another firearm owner. We are all in this together.

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