Congress Passes Gun Legislation

Congress Passes Gun Legislation – President Biden Signs It Into Law. How Does It Impact Florida Residents?

I have waited a few days for the dust to settle around the recent gun control that just passed. Here is a good review by one of the best firearm defense law firms in Florida.
I have mixed feelings. The ‘reasonable man’ side of me would say that I don’t see anything that overly affects my firearm rights. The ‘skeptical man’ side of me would say that the law is too vague.
An example is the ‘Increased Background Checks for Those Under 21’. Background checks for those under 21 shall now require the background system to contact the criminal history repository or juvenile justice information system in their state of residence. This does sound bad. but wait a minute. Does this mean those that oppose the sale to those under 21 can cause a de facto ban by filing a court action to block access to Juvenile records?
The old saying is that the devil is on the detail or in this case the interpretation.
My 2-cents.

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