Is wearing a U.S. flag disreputable?

When I was growing up,  my dad (Retired Air Force) would get upset at people wearing a U.S. flag. Things like red, white, and blue shirts, a U.S. flag patch, and the classic bunting were ok with him. Wear a flag over the shoulders would really upset him. With advancements in graphic printing, the line between a U.S. flag and an article of clothing has become blurred. Today we see masks, shirts, and caps imprinted sporting the stars and bars. I am not sure how comfortable I am with this. I fall back on why is the person wearing the U.S. flag imprint. Are they wearing it to show pride in the country? Are they just wearing it because they think it is cool? Here is my dilemma. How do I looking into someone’s mind? I cannot, so I have to observe the time-honored rule that my rights end where your nose begins. I have to judge a person by their actions not what I think they are thinking. Boy, what other things going on today could this apply to? What say you? P.S. Like my dad, someone wearing a U.S. flag over their shoulders still over the line.

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