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If you have a concealed carry license, you probably understand the need to stay proficient with your firearm. We try to meet this need with trips to the range. However, putting untimed rounds downrange at a static target only meets part of our needs.

We need to include skill-based drills. I know that range rules make this hard. My range does not allow you to draw from a holster. I work around this by starting from low-ready. They also require 2 seconds between shots. I just have to live with this. 

I am also on a content search for drills that fit or can be mortified to fit within the range rules. I recently came across a new entry.  

Baer Solutions Standards

The Baer Solutions Standards is a less commonly seen drill than something like The Test or the Bill Drill. (Check my free Target Tab for target downloads).

That being said, it still maintains a fair level of popularity. This is especially the case in circles like those who follow Lucas Botkin and GarandThumb. They have collaborated with Baer Solutions in the past. What exactly goes into shooting this drill?

Setting Up Baer Solutions Standards

For this drill, you’ll need their printed target, your pistol, a holster, two magazines, thirteen rounds, and a shot timer. There are no provisions for pistols with capacities lower than ten rounds, so no wheel Guns are allowed! 

Set your target up at either three, five, or seven yards. Baer Solutions recommends starting at five yards, but vary this based upon your level of skill. Load ten rounds into one magazine, and place that in the gun. Load the remaining three rounds into your spare magazine, and place it wherever you carry a reload.

 Starting position is hands relaxed at sides, not touching the gun. (I modified this step to low read to meet the range rules.) 

On the “beep”, draw and fire five rounds in one of the grey rectangles, then transition and fire five rounds in the other rectangle.
Once your slide locks back, reload using your spare three-round magazine. Fire your remaining three rounds into the center circle on the target.
This is all done in a single string of fire, no pausing between target areas.

Scoring Baer Solutions Standards

Scoring is very straightforward with this drill. Any rounds landing outside the target areas count as a miss, and a failure of the drill.

The par time is 9 seconds or less for everything. (I have to double this to meet the 2-second rule at my range.)

No additional points are awarded for tighter groups or faster times, just bragging rights. There are also no provisions for different styles of holsters.

If your range allows, I recommend shooting the drill from whatever method you typically use for carrying, whether that be concealment or a duty holster.

Final Thoughts on Baer Solutions Standards

Baer Solutions Standards is a solid, medium round count drill. It incorporates recoil control, target transitions, a reload, and follow-through control.

It is not unusual to see people throw the first round after the reload, rushing to get back on target, failing to adjust for the smaller size target.

The fairly short par times leave little room for error, and the center circle is unforgiving.

With a target that fits on standard 8.5×11 paper, this is something that anyone can attempt without having to buy special targets.

Give it a couple of tries, then wait a few months and see how much you’ve progressed.


Thanks to Dan Reedy of  He was the inspiration of this post.

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