To Red Dot or Not to Red Dot, That is The Question.

Growing up, I learned that when shooting a pistol, you should focus on the front sight; the rear signed and target would be blurry. That was great when I was in my twenties and thirties. Now as a seventy-something with progressive trifocals, it just doesn’t work. At a recent qualification event, I had to use iron sights. To focus on the front sights, I had to tilt my head back and look down my nose to get the correct focal length. The rear sight; let’s say that it was super blurry. The target, well it was downrange somewhere. I wound up shooting at where I thought the center of the paper was. I qualified with 16 out of 20 at 45 feet on my last target. Needless to say, I am the prime candidate for the use of a red dot sight. I have used one for years. I am sold, how about you. Gun Mag Warehouse has put out a couple of excellent posts on Red Dot Sights. The first post, Do You Need a Red Dot Sight on your Carry Pistol? detail the reasoning behind using a red dot sight. The second post, The Five Best Pistol Red Dots by Use describes their selection for red dot sights. Both are excellent reading and well worth the time.

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