Florida CCL and Basic Handgun

There is more to responsible concealed carry than getting your license and strapping on your firearm. First, it would be best if you think before you react. That shoving match on the dance floor could result in you being charged with assault. It would be best if you planned to stay out of trouble. Cutting through that dark ally to get to your car could result in you having to defend yourself with your firearm. Responsible concealed carry is a new lifestyle.

There are three pillars of self-defense; avoid, escape, and defend. Check out the Florida CCL and Personal Defense Plan course if you need training on these skills. That course provides you with the knowledge to develop the skills to avoid the need to defend yourself by planning your daily activities. That course also teaches you to react to ongoing situations to avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations. Finally, that course also teaches you how to escape the situation by identifying different escape methods.

OK, you feel that you already understand escape, avoidance, the legal use of force, and the aftermath of using deadly force.

If you want to go directly to use a handgun for self-defense, this is the course for you. This course provides you with the information you need to defend yourself. This coverage includes things such as:

  • Self-Defense Firearm Basics
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  • Gear and Gadgets
  • Basic and Advanced Skills
  • Florida Concealed Carry Rules and Regulations

The course concludes with a trip to the range, where you will complete the shooting requirement of the Florida statutes.

This course assumes that you provide your firearm and are familiar with its operations.

If your shooting skills are weak, we will work with you to bring you up to the level required by the state of Florida.


  • Taught by USCCA Certified Professionals
  • Built for Those Who Want to Responsibly Protect
  • Become Your Family’s Ultimate Protector
  • Carry With Confidence
  • Become Empowered To Defend You And Your Family During A Self-Defense Incident
  • Feel More Confident Handling a Firearm
  • Your Journey to Firearms Confidence Starts Here


  • Students with little to no experience in environments related to firearms wishing to complete the required training for a Florida Concealed Weapon license


  • 3 hours of classroom lecture and hands-on practice
  • 1-hour range practice and certification

Class Reviews

This class was very informative and very fun! He also offers a lot of hands-on training. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to get their concealed carry permit. – Amy Donnelly

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