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The Company

  • Veteran owned
  • Training that focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to safely use a firearm
  • Small class size to give you the attention that you need
  • Located in Lake City, Florida

My Motivations

Firearm safety

We all know that firearm sales have skyrocketed. On my trips to the range, I noticed more and more people who had little or no experience with firearms.

On a recent trip to the range, I meet two very nice young individuals. They were shooting at the lane next to mine. Both had just purchased their first pistol and this was their first trip to the range. It quickly became apparent that they didn’t have even the most basic knowledge and skills. however, they had a great attitude and were quick to accept my offer to help. 

This and other incidents made me realize that the is a need for quality firearms safety and skills training.

Oh sure, you can pay your $35 at the guns show and get a certificate of training that allows you to get your Florida Concealed Weapons License, but do you really know how to carry and deploy your firearm safely. Heck, your instructor might not know.


Meeting the Student’s Needs

My goal is to provide training that ensures that each student leaves the class with the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude to operate at the level that they have been trained to. To do this I will be training in small class sizes and providing multiple levels of training. Opposed to cramming as many students as I can in a conference room and providing a one-size-fits-all class.


2nd Amendment

As might suspect, I strongly support the 2nd amendment. One of my goals is to help my students understand the history of the 2nd amendment and what means to the people of the great country.

The 2nd amendment is under attack and we cannot standby. The anti-gun crowd isn’t just coming for the evil black assault rifle. They are coming for all of our firearms. Our strongest action is not through the force of arms by unity.


Together we can turn the tables!


Of course, I want to make a profit, how doesn’t. Specialized classes take for time and effort than one-size-fits-all classes, so they are more expensive. Individual instruction takes more time and effort than group classes, so it is more expensive. My underlying motto is quality, not quantity. If my training does not meet your needs, you won’t come back.

The Future

I am a new startup, so my offerings are limited. I will be rolling out more training in the future. I would like to roll out training that meets my student’s needs. If there is any training you are interested in, please free to leave a comment or contact me at freedomfirstselfdefense@gmail.com

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